V E N U Z W H I T E  Is a Colombian born artist who starts her career in the field of painting, focusing her research on the creation process itself, where the action of time, the materiality of color and the close relationship between the cosmic and the biological, with the elements of nature, are evidenced in an alchemical treatise.

Through her works VW raises the interest to discover a relation between the human plane of the emotions, the subtle field of the spiritual being and the organic forms of  nature. Its axes of creation cover areas as varied as color, light, liquid tension, devotional sounds, the secret power of stones and the action of fire and air.

 The importance of these axes in the preparation of water, as one of its main means of pictorial creation, generates a space where science, nature and the sacred, dialogue within the contemporary language of art. Likewise, water as a source of inspiration within its exploration, reflects on the recognition of nature as a living and sentient being, which must be understood and preserved.

 From the field of art, VW's work establishes experimental relationships, based on scientific studies and ancestral knowledge, which show not only the work as a final piece but the process itself as part of it.

 Various tools and interaction technologies such as video, documentary photography, performance, installation and sound, when entering into a close relationship with light and color, provide the common thread of  VW´s creations.

 Within her prolific production the artist has taken her creative dialogue to a variety of substrates, which reflect her formal, conceptual and environmental concern, materializing in families:

 AURUM, "The birth of light", recycled blown glass and lighting laboratory. 

 BAWOA,  Be A Work Of Art, her work in textile printing to be inhabited. 

 Own techniques such as VAHO, "the breath´s blew", which consists of painting with the vital air. 

 MIRRORS, a silver technique fixed to glass objects, which creates a metallic effect when they are off and translucent when they are on. A gesture that remind us that "outside is the reflection, inside is the light".

 REVELATIONS, an investigation of the power of sound and words in water fluids, which reveal in a pictorial way the vibrations and subtle spirits contained in them.


Text by Nicolás Silva Silva