A subtle and enveloping presence, has crossed the course of Venuz White over the gaps of divination, unveiling its mysteries and finding a place of resonance within her spiritual message in art.

From the flow of the rivers, the intensity of the rain and of the incessant sprouting of the springs, this eternal, infinite and fertile presence emerges. Like the breath of life, the spirit of the water visits VW and spills into the canals of her artwork.

The encounters they hold are both the form and content of a joint creation, the result of a patient investigation of both, in which the artist has learned to modulate the language of the waters and they dance in the movements of her strokes.

Closer to a mystical ritual than to a creative project, this dialogue, has become a discovery and deep knowledge, which VW has collected in a pitcher, where the submerging of her hands amalgamates and distills a message.

 Soaking her mind of this conversation with the subtle, she glimpses her sense as an artist, following the routes of a water map that unites cultures and continents, monks and mamos, bowls and totumas, in the search for water masters.

Moving from the artist's cloths to the mystique, from composer to fortune teller, from woman to body of water, VW has delved into the grottoes of the alchemy of life, where she has bathed in the gorges of the Andean paramos and the falls of the cenotes of the peninsula, deciphering the song of the currents to remind us of the secrets of the aquifer mantle of the universe. 

The creation of her paintings, liquid state of color, flows like a medium willing to reveal the faces of this multifaceted spirit, which is in its very essence transformation and metamorphosis. Like an eye that allows us to see the immanent vitality that inhabits even inert matter, the VW telescope presents us with a mangrove of totems. Roots and crowns of the tree of life. 

Each of them, with their own mineral compositions, their choice of colors and their bifurcations, is presented to us, familiar and unknown at the time. We are children of the same mother, and we will return to the waves of her womb.

Denying the spirituality of water and its more metaphysical dimensions, has led to a dangerous ignorance of our origin, our limits and our survival. Scar that has settled the nonsense of modern life. The same that becomes in VW's hands a receptacle to bring in light.

 Her work directs the dance of the rivers that have not marked in vain our tracks, throughout the wide hemispheres.

Today its currents prepare the way to end in the ocean of a new encounter, between the ancestral and contemporary technologies, that of the hand of VW are diluted and conform messages for our awakening as guardians of the eternal.

 Let us relax our senses, let us drink from the clear liquid of their understanding, and the deep respect that flows from them, and we will receive the mission of preserving our own spirit with it. The spirit of water.


Text by Nicolas Silva Silva